South Carolina

The chief aspects of South Carolina

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South Carolina is located in the southeastern United States and lies between New York and Miami. It is an American state rich in tourist sites, with its colonial cities steeped in history, its many parks and miles of coastline with beautiful beaches. Moreover, all these assets make South Carolina a popular vacation destination not only by Americans, but also by foreign tourists. Indeed, many of its cities are not to be missed here during your trip to the United States.

Discover the American city of Charleston South Carolina

Charleston is the second largest city in the state of South Carolina after Columbia. This city is a must-see destination if you visit this area during your stay in the United States. More than three centuries old, Charleston is one of the most beautiful American colonial cities with a rich architectural heritage. Indeed, it has a hundred religious buildings as well as splendid large houses with different architectural styles. The octagonal bell tower of St. Philips Church is an example of famous architecture, which is also a symbol of the city. On the other hand, you can discover its historic district which is full of colonial houses as beautiful as each other. A carriage ride is recommended for a more beautiful experience. The city also has beautiful gardens to visit. Like Cypress Gardens and Middletown Gardens which are the most famous gardens.

Seaside holidays in the USA staying in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city that borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most popular seaside vacation destinations on the US East Coast, with millions of visitors each year. Its long beaches with white sands stretching over 100 kilometers and its many resorts make it a popular seaside resort. Myrtle Beach is also known as the golf capital of the world. Indeed, it has nearly 120 golf courses that attract fans from around the world. If you are traveling with your family to the United States, you will be delighted to visit the Family Kingdom and Water Park, which form a large amusement park. These many rides and Water Park will delight young and old. Brook green Gardens in Murrells Inlet is also a must.

Places you must take into consideration while visiting southeast of United States

Southeast State of the United States, South Carolina shares borders with Georgia and North Carolina. The state enjoys a rich natural setting: there are several lakes or mountains. Its capital, Columbia, is home to historic buildings, the most popular of which are undoubtedly the State House – the childhood home of President Wilson – or the Governor’s House dating back to the end of the 19th century. With a varied relief (river, wooded trails or historic ruins), the zoological garden and the botanical garden of the shores welcome more than 2000 animals whose original habitat they preserve (river, wooded paths or ruins). To the south-east of the capital, Charleston, a coastal city steeped in history, houses the Charleston Museum, the country’s oldest museum that tells the story of the settlement city to this day.

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