Wang Gunung

Situated at the Malaysia – Thai border, Wang Gunung is well-known among rock climbers for its uniqueness and challenges. The mountain stands at 499.1 meters creating an imposing backdrop to the nearby Putra Golf Club.

Most of the stones that create the Wang Gunung mountain is connected to the formation of Machinchang, Setul, Kubang Pasu and Chuping. There are several areas with great potential to be promoted as Geo Heritage sites and Geo Tourism sites. These sites are Gua Kelam, Gua Cenderawasih, Gunung Perlis, Gua Wang Burma, Bukit Kubu tropical forest, Utan Aji, Guar Geteri and Wang Gunung.

Introducing these sites as Geo Heritage and Geo Tourism sites will create added value while creating awareness among local and international tourist to preserve the area. It will also create opportunities for research by local and international students and job opportunities for the local community.

The climb to Wang Gunung will take approximately 2 – 3 hours and it has 14 pit stops for climbers to rest before reaching the peak. Climbers need to face various obstacles before reaching the mountain. Among the toughest obstacle is to climb the steep 70 – 80 degree track. Every climber is advised to prepare extra attire and equipment before climbing.

A Permit is necessary to go on the trail. If you get caught on the trail without a permit, it is considered trespassing and well be prosecuted by law. The Permit can be obtained at Perlis Forestry Department for RM5/ person.

Wang Gunung is located in the state of Perlis. Visitors can take a bus or drive from the North-South (PLUS) Highway, take the exit via Changlun and take the Changlun-Kuala Perlis highway to Kangar. From Kangar, continue towards – Padang Besar. Continue the journey heading to Sg. Batu Pahat. Alternatively, tourists can board the ETS train from Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station to Arau, Perlis and the journey takes approximately 5 ½ hours.
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